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Taking advantage of Hong Kong’s advantageous position in the region and its robust legal system, Future Growth Financial Group (Future Growth Financial Services Limited together with Future Growth Asset Management Limited) has been established in Hong Kong for more than ten years.

Future Growth Financial Services Limited and Future Growth Asset Management Limited are the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Prosperous Future Holdings Limited (stock code: 1259.HK).

granted licenses by
Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission

Future Growth
Financial Services Limited

Brokerage business of securities and futures

Regulated Activity 1 and Regulated Activity 2 (AUE994) to engage in brokerage business of securities and futures. Dealing services cover global and regional stocks, futures and options.

Future Growth
Asset Management Limited

Investment advisory and asset management services

Regulated Activity 4 and Regulated Activity 9 (AUE318) to engage in investment advisory and asset management services.

Securities and futures

Future Growth Financial Services Limited (hereinafter called “FGFSL”) is a licensed corporate (AUE994) and a participant of Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Adhering strictly to rules and regulations under Securities & Futures Ordinance, it provides dealing in securities services.


FGFSL provides reliable securities brokerage services to both individual and corporate clients. Clients can trade through cash and margin accounts to deal in all stocks listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, including warrants, bull/bear contracts, listed ETFs and derivatives so that clients can effectively capitalize on every market opportunity.


FGFSL offers various kinds of futures products, comprising Hang Seng Index futures, Mini HSI Futures, the Hang Seng China Enterprise Index Futures, Mini HSCEI Futures, HSCEI options and Mini HSCEI options etc. Clients can benefit from the wide range futures, options and derivatives to choose from to hedge against risk of their portfolios.

Asset Management

With excellent network covering renowned private banks and investment banks, fund specialists and professional firms around the globe, our investment team is dedicated towards serving our clients, both institutional and high net worth individuals, with the highest standard of integrity and professionalism.

Fund Management

Future Growth Asset Management Limited has been appointed investment managers for quite a number of funds. Based on clients’ different investment objectives, aspirations, investment horizons, expected return requirement, we will strive to construct suitable investment portfolios, with the aim of delivering satisfactory return for each client.
To achieve clients’ investment objectives, the importance of risk management has never been taken lightly of. Our team will strive to diversify risk through investment in diversified markets, diversified investment tools and diverse strategies. We will keep things transparent, and always keep clients informed of and updated about their portfolio’s latest performance.
With a long working relationship with professionals like fund administrators, fund lawyers, auditors, we are well equipped to make things happen fast. Setting up offshore companies, getting funds registered, arranging fund audit and raising capital so on and so forth, is complicated and challenging but can, through our network, proceed smoothly.

Investment Advisory Services

We will give clients an overview of the industry to invest in, its outlook, its trend and reasons why it is going that way. Through advising clients from diverse perspectives of technical analysis, fundamental analysis and risk management, our team will take into consideration clients’ different investment styles, give them the most suitable investment proposals and help them make sensible choices.

Discretionary portfolio Management

With Predefined investment objectives and guidelines set up by the client, we are entrusted by the client to manage his portfolio on his behalf, making all investment decisions and taking all measures that are deemed necessary to achieve the client’s objectives. This makes it possible for us to act swiftly to respond to sudden changes in the market while investing according to client’s expectation. On the other hand, the client is relieved from the administrative burden associated with day-to-day management of the portfolio.

Family Office

We are dedicated to providing asset management solution to wealthy families in the region through high quality services covering succession planning, set up family office, fund establishment and management.

Private Equity Fund (PE)

Recent years have witnessed fast expansion of PE, buoyed by the thriving economy and accumulation of wealth in the region. High net worth individuals need more choices than ever before. They need bespoke high quality wealth management solutions. In contrast to public funds which are open to public for subscription, PE funds are subscribed privately and investors are more often than not restricted to a limited numbers of professional and sophisticated investors. Asset classes are more diverse, including but not limited to finance of non-listed companies, investment in start-ups, pre-IPO equity investment.


Brand new corporate image

With a brand new image, Future Growth Financial Services Limited together with Future Growth Asset Management Limited is dedicated towards providing high quality financial and investment services. We will be as professional and as attentive to clients’ needs as ever, and helping clients to achieve investment objectives is our mission.

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